The Japanese diet is based on the principle of health and longevity. Japanese food is not only tasteful and mouth-watering but also offers various health benefits. Japanese food traditionally consists of unprocessed foods, refined sugar or foods, and high amounts of grains and vegetables. Here are some of the many health benefits of enjoying Japanese […]

health benefits of eating seaweed

As the leading Japanese Steakhouse in Central Florida, we are now in 11 locations from Orlando to Tampa, and our reputation is built on serving delicious Japanese cuisine, and doing it with flair! Though we are pleased to cook specialized orders in the kitchen, including gluten-free meals, our specially trained chefs are proud to prepare […]

Filet Mignon vs. Sirloin

Steak lovers will tell you that all steak isn’t created equal. Certain cuts are definitely superior to others, but when it comes to the very premium types of steaks, how do you differentiate between the best cuts? At our company we specialize in both types of meat, so we’re uniquely positioned to weigh in. Below, […]