Kobe Steakhouse

Valentine’s Day serves as an excellent reminder for people to take time out of their day to enjoy each other and share an intimate experience. Spending time with your partner doing something you love, like sitting down and enjoying a delicious meal can be more rewarding than an expensive gift and provides a memorable experience […]

When seeking to find the right place for a date night, it can be a challenge with all the options in Central Florida. Kobe Steakhouse provides the perfect choice with its world-class food, signature cocktails, and one of a kind experience. Whether it’s a first date or a special night, Kobe Steakhouse can ensure a […]

Lunch at Kobe Steakhouse in Lake Buena Vista and New Tampa Savor Mouthwatering Steak Lunches at Kobe Steakhouse Now, at all locations on Sundays! Kobe Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse makes a superb dining establishment choice for people who are enthusiastic about hearty and mouthwatering meat dishes of all varieties. Terrific news is available to Kobe Steakhouse […]

Join Kobe’ on Monday July 2nd and Celebrate the 34th Birthday of Kobe’ with ‘Award Winning Cuisine’ and the ‘Fun and Flare’ Kobe’ style. Kobe’ has a rich tradition in delivering a ‘Award Winning Cuisine’ to everyone in Central Florida and the West Coast of Florida. To celebrate Kobe’s 34th Birthday join us on July […]

Kobe Steakhouse has been a long-standing tradition in Japanese cuisine in the Florida area for nearly 35 years. Their supremely skilled teppanyaki chefs cook and entertain on hot grills right before the eyes of amazed customers. Common thrills include the onion volcano, the shrimp toss in chef hats, and the throwing of the raw egg […]

New Lunch Options For International Drive

Orlando is in store for some delectable new lunch options at Florida’s premier and award winning Japanese steakhouse! We at Kobe Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse have been serving quality Teppanyaki dining experiences since 1984. Exclusive to the International Drive steakhouse location, Kobe Steakhouse now has new offerings on their lunch menu that are sure to delight […]