Dine with us at Kobe Steakhouse for your next date

When seeking to find the right place for a date night, it can be a challenge with all the options in Central Florida. Kobe Steakhouse provides the perfect choice with its world-class food, signature cocktails, and one of a kind experience. Whether it’s a first date or a special night, Kobe Steakhouse can ensure a memorable atmosphere that is exciting, yet still romantic. We are the perfect balance for any date.

Dining with us displays the perfect setting. At Kobe Steakhouse it’s more than just a dining room away from home. Our restaurant creates a level of comfort, intimacy, and romance. We provide the perfect ambiance for you to make your date one to remember.

There are many reasons why you should join us for your next date.


At Kobe Steakhouse we carry a variety of drink choices with our fully stocked bar. You can try one of our many signature cocktails such as; the Scorpion bowl which is the perfect drink to share with your special someone or friend, Mai-Tai, Kobe Dragonberry, or relax with our top quality sake.


Teppanyaki dining adds an extra element of fun to your meal. We give your date the fantastic experience of having your meal cooked on a hot iron plate right in front of you. Therefore, there are no hidden secrets as you can witness the freshness of the ingredients used. Also, don’t forget about the entertainment provided by our expert teppanyaki chefs while they prepare the food and cook the ingredients; which will guarantee you and your date will always have a great time together.

Teppanyaki chefs have been trained to give you entertainment while they cook your food. We offer you an enjoyable experience so that you and your date will have a whole new dining experience. You will be able to sit back and watch the chefs juggle utensils, toss food up in the air, catch shrimp in their mouths, and finally enjoy the delicious food that was prepared in front of you. So, you don’t have to feel pressured to entertain your date since we will have you both entertained throughout the entire meal.

At Kobe Steakhouse we take pride in carrying on the ancient tradition of teppanyaki-hibachi style cooking. With a Japanese country-inn ambiance, your date will fully be immersed in this tradition. Kobe promises to deliver an unforgettable dining performance in combination with fresh, tender, and flavorful food.


At Kobe Steakhouse we are known for our fantastic food. We offer the finest cuts of beef, sirloin, and filet mignon. However, if you do not prefer beef, you can enjoy yourself with our other dinners that are made with shrimp, chicken, salmon, lobster, scallops, and noodles. Our food is always accompanied by a variety of dipping sauces featuring our famous white sauce. If you’re a vegetarian, then we have excellent alternatives from you to choose from as well.

Also, you will be able to enjoy one of the best forms of beef available in the world. The tenderness, flavorful, and heavy marbling gives our Wagyu beef a satisfying mouthfeel. Our chefs prepare our beef so that it melts in your mouth like butter which makes our Wagyu beef an outstanding culinary experience for any special occasion.

A Beginners Guide to Sake

When you visit Kobe Steakhouse, not only will you be able to indulge in the delicious Japanese food, but you will also be able to try some of our authentic sake choices. For those not familiar with this classic Japanese alcoholic drink, here are a few things to help you understand more about sake before you try it for yourself:

DEFINING SAKE: If you ask for sake in Japan, you will be met with a confused look because the word simply refers to a generic group of alcoholic drinks. However, when not in Japan, ordering sake will get you the traditional alcoholic fermented rice beverage. If you want the classic sake beverage while in Japan, you should ask for a Nihonshu.

TYPES OF SAKE: Because of the varied production processes and ingredients, sake is available in a myriad of varieties. Sake can be classified using several different factors, including the region from which it hails, the brewing process, the type of rice used, and more. One of the most common ways to classify sake is by labeling the polishing process. The polishing refers to how intensely the rice was milled, removing the outer layers of the grain and getting to the heart of the core. The most premium sakes have been polished down the most. Here are a few of the major types of sake to help get you started:

  • JUNMAI: This pure rice, non-additive sake exhibits a full taste with a slightly acidic profile.
  • HONJOZO: Made with water, rice, and koji, this type of sake contains a small amount of added alcohol, helping to smooth out the flavor and provide an easier drinking experience.
  • GINJO AND JUNMAI GINJO: This premium sake delivers a fruity and light flavor due to its specialized yeast ingredients and unique fermentation process.
  • DAIGINJO AND JUNMAI DAIGINJO: As one of the most premium types of sake, this drink requires a specialized brewing process and highly polished rice in its production.

DRINKING SAKE 101: Now that you have some background about the origins and production process of sake, it is time to enjoy the drink. Many beginning sake drinkers wonder what type of glass to use when drinking the beverage. Unlike traditional wine, there is no special glass shape that makes drinking the differing varietals a better experience. Most sake is consumed out of a glass material. Doing so will ensure that the complex flavors and aromas of the drink are not lost within the receptacle materials. Those looking for a more authentic experience can choose to drink their sake out of a traditional ochoko or masu.

Some sakes are better served warm while others need to be chilled to bring out the best flavors. There are no hard and fast rules about this and you will soon discover that drinking temperature is often just a personal preference. If you wish to drink your sake warm, it is important to take care to not heat it too quickly. Experts recommend using a specially designed sake carafe to gradually heat the beverage so that it is evenly warmed and the flavor is not lost. Experimenting for yourself will help you to discern how you best prefer your sake.

The best way to learn more about sake is to simply begin drinking it. Once you get the opportunity to sample some different varietals and experiment drinking it at varying temperatures, your own personal taste preferences will begin to be revealed. Have fun during the learning process and enjoy the beverage for all that it offers. Cheers!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kobe Steakhouse

Valentine’s Day serves as an excellent reminder for people to take time out of their day to enjoy each other and share an intimate experience. Spending time with your partner doing something you love, like sitting down and enjoying a delicious meal can be more rewarding than an expensive gift and provides a memorable experience for you and your partner. However, this can lead to a lot of pressure in deciding on the right place to take your special someone. Fortunately, for you, Kobe Steakhouse provides the perfect ambiance for your romantic date night!

At Kobe Steakhouse, we understand you don’t only want to have the right setting for your special someone, but you also want them to feel comfortable during their dining experience. With our friendly staff, you will find yourself connecting with your date every time one of our chefs cracks a funny joke or does one of their many food tricks. By choosing Kobe Steakhouse, you’re picking a place both of you will like and one that will make you gleam with joy from the second you walk through our doors.

Coming to our renowned steakhouse gives an ambiance like no other. From the minute you walk in, you will have the feeling of stepping into a whole new world. At Kobe Steakhouse, you get the best of both worlds of being able to enjoy our themed restaurant and the romantic atmosphere that will be flowing through the air.

Envision yourself eating your meal around a table filled with other joyous people sharing in your experience of being dazzled by our captivating chefs. If the entertainment is not enough for you, then start your romantic evening off with one of our signature cocktails such as our Mai-Tai, Kobe Breeze, or the infamous scorpion bowl for 2. Then, indulge yourself with one of our delightful sushi rolls like our Red Dragon Roll, which is stuffed with tempura shrimp, cucumber, and avocado.

Next, you will make your way onto our main courses. For Valentine’s Day, you will have a vast amount of upscale dining options to choose from including steak, chicken, or our wide range of seafood. Also, don’t forget about our noodle dishes and the savory Kobe white sauce. Our specialty in Kobe beef is some of the finest meat, which is sure to impress.

Additionally, if you prefer tofu, don’t worry. We have plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians to choose from. Also, don’t forget to end your special meal with one of our desserts such as our cheesecake, gelato, and fried ice cream.

Valentine’s Day will be on a Thursday this year, so start your romantic weekend off with a unique and exciting experience. With the special day quickly approaching, don’t wait to make your priority seating as soon as possible.

Whenever you decide to celebrate your special occasion, the staff here at Kobe Steakhouse promises to serve you an unforgettable and memorable night that you and your significant other will never forget. Make a priority seating with us today by either calling or booking online.

Lake Buena Vista and New Tampa Now Open Lunch Sundays

Lunch at Kobe Steakhouse in Lake Buena Vista and New Tampa

Savor Mouthwatering Steak Lunches at Kobe Steakhouse Now, at all locations on Sundays!

Kobe Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse makes a superb dining establishment choice for people who are enthusiastic about hearty and mouthwatering meat dishes of all varieties. Terrific news is available to Kobe Steakhouse fans in and around Lake Buena Vista and New Tampa, Florida, too. That news is that our restaurant has extended its business hours. We’re currently accessible for lunch on Sundays at Noon, too. If you want to relish amazing and filling lunches in Lake Buena Vista or New Tampa, you honestly can’t go wrong at Kobe Steakhouse.

“Ichiban” is Japanese for “number one” or “best” and that defines lunches at our eatery. If you want to eat a lunch that’s unequaled, our menu can accommodate you to a T. Our lunch food choices run the gamut. If you’re in the mood for teppanyaki, you can pick between a wealth of top-quality options. Some examples of these are shrimp, chicken, sirloin steak, filet mignon, teriyaki chicken, scallops, lobster, tuna tataki and salmon. People who are interested in teppanyaki meals that aren’t based on meat can even go for tofu, believe it or not. We serve blended dishes that are suitable for people who wish to nosh on numerous options simultaneously. If you’re looking to dine on lobster, beef and crab cakes at the same time, Kobe Steakhouse is the destination for you.

Nothing can complete a tasty lunch better than a good beverage. Kobe Steakhouse has an extensive beverage selection accessible to all diners. If you want something cool and refreshing, you’ll adore our iced tea. It’s brewed fresh for your enjoyment. We even serve a variety of undeniable smoothies in flavors such as vanilla and strawberry cream. Be sure to ask our servers about our choices in sodas as well.

Kobe Steakhouse has an atmosphere that’s ideal for pure dining serenity. Your lunch break should be a time to take it easy. It should be a time to recharge in the middle of your Sunday. If you want to revel in an authentic Japanese lunch, there’s no stronger choice in the area than Kobe Steakhouse. Get in contact with our kind staff as soon as possible to learn more about our incredible and varied lunch choices.
All Kobe locations are now open for teppanyaki lunch on Sundays. Select locations are open for lunch on Friday and/or Saturday, too!

Kobe Won The Dining Award for Best Japanese Restaurant by Readers of “Orlando Weekly”

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is pleased to announce that we’ve won the 2018 “Orlando Weekly” Reader’s Choice Award for Best Japanese Restaurant. This marks the eighth consecutive year our restaurant has won the award. We at Kobe take great pride in our cuisine, so this award is an honor to us all. We thank all the readers of “Orlando Weekly” who selected Kobe as their favorite Japanese restaurant as well as all the folks who’ve visited our establishments this year. Since Kobe Japanese Steakhouse opened its doors in 1984, we’ve worked hard to create the best teppanyaki dining experience in Florida. Our goal is to win the Reader’s Choice Award every year. To achieve that, we’ll continue to refine our craft of serving up delicious wagyu beef straight from the iron griddle.

We believe that what makes Kobe Japanese Steakhouse successful is our tireless pursuit of fun and good food. Visitors to Kobe know great teppanyaki is more than just savory meat, noodles, and vegetables sliced and tossed to the sound of steam; it’s a performance. With their fast knives and bursts of fire, our chefs make the spectacle of cooking as memorable as the food itself. Ask your Kobe chef to prepare some teriyaki chicken, and watch the knives turn raw ingredients into a plate of bronzed, glistening meat and hot noodles in minutes. Our teppanyaki entrees include shrimp, scallops, chicken, sirloin steak, and many other dishes, each served with rice, noodles, vegetables, onion soup, and a salad. If you’ve never been to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, now is your chance to find out why we’ve won the “Orlando Weekly” Reader’s Choice Award every year since 2011.

In addition to great teppanyaki, Kobe serves up a tasty slew of sushi. We have dozens of sushi rolls, including crispy shrimp rolls with cucumber and avocado, rainbow rolls decked in salmon and whitefish, and red dragon rolls featuring spicy mayo and tempura flakes. We also serve succulent nigiri and sashimi with octopus, smoked salmon, and many other types of seafood. For dessert, Kobe has such delectable dishes as fried ice cream and chocolate mousse cake. Wash the meal down with our sake or plum wine, or enjoy a Mai Tai for a fruity finish to your night. We aren’t content until every guest leaves satisfied.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse has 11 locations throughout Central and West Coast Florida. That includes seven in the Orlando area and four in Tampa. Separated from the main restaurant, our private banquet rooms can seat 20 to 180 guests depending on capacity, and each table has a personal chef who will prepare your meals in front of you. We also have preset banquet menus we can customize with you to fit your budget. With each visit to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, you can receive Kobe Rewards points toward a $10 Kobe Reward Voucher. We even have a Kobe Reward mobile app to simplify the process. If you want a personal chef or server the next time you stop by, just contact a priority seating representative or use our online seating tool.

Readers of “Orlando Weekly” will be pleased to know Kobe is expanding to a new venue in St. Petersburg, Florida. We hope to see you there. Also, visitors to Kobe International Drive in Orlando can try out our newest idea: Maihana Asian Cuisine. More intimate than a typical visit, this two-person style of dining lets you enjoy your spicy pork belly teriyaki, mango sushi rolls, and other unforgettable dishes in an upscale atmosphere. Our goal at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is to bring you the best teppanyaki and sushi for many years to come. Once more, we thank the readers of “Orlando Weekly” for making our job that much more satisfying.

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