KOBE Website FAQ



Can I have a private table?

Yes, request this with a reservation representative or online. There is a $250 spending minimum for each table reserved. Other fees may apply for private rooms.


I understand that you don’t seat the party until the entire party is present. What if we want to sit before some of our guests arrive?

Due to our unique seating arrangements, we do not seat reservations or parties until the party is complete. We understand that under certain circumstances, one or two guests must come later. We can seat the party if someone could put in the order for the late guests. If it is a surprise party, let your hostess know and he/she will make arrangements.


Can I request a Chef/Server?

Yes, you can make your request with a reservation representative or on your online reservation. However, we cannot guarantee that the requested staff member will be available. We will try our best to fulfill your request. When you check in, your hostess will let you know on the status.



Can I share my teppanyaki dinner?

Yes, there is a $10 sharing charge that includes soup, salad, noodles, rice, and mixed vegetables for the other guest.


What if I have an allergy?

Let your server and chef know of your allergy. They can both make accommodations at the table and cook your food separately or we can prepare your entree in our back kitchen for maximum precaution. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the absolute elimination of the allergen.


Do you offer gluten free?

At the moment, we cannot prepare gluten free entrees at the teppanyaki table. However, we do offer a “Simply Grilled” menu that is dairy and gluten free and is prepared in the back kitchen. Ask your server for the menu.


Do you offer banquet services for special occasions? 

Yes we do! Our banquet specialist can be contacted here. They will contact you within 48 hours. Banquets are reserved for parties of a minimum of 20 guests.


Do you have a Children’s Menu?

Yes. We offer teppanyaki children’s menu that offers the full teppanyaki meal in smaller portions. Choose from sirloin, chicken, or shrimp.


Do you have a corkage fee?

Feel free to bring in your own bottle of wine that is not on our wine menu for a corkage fee of $10 per bottle.


Can we bring our own cake? 

Yes! Let your hostess know and we can store your cake in the appropriate area. Let us know if it’s an ice cream cake! If you would like for your server to serve the cake, there is a $5 plating fee. However if you would like to serve it yourself, there is no charge.



Kobe Rewards


I just signed up for Kobe Rewards online and haven’t gotten my card yet.

When you sign up online and receive an email confirmation, you have been added to our system. Even if you don’t have your Rewards card yet, you can still be eligible for Kobe promotions and rewards.


Where is my Rewards card?

We no longer send Rewards card via mail. For your convenience, you can pick up your card during your next visit to Kobe and be able to use it the same evening.


What if I lose my Rewards card?

Just pick up a new one during your next visit to Kobe. Your hostess or manager will be able to assist you.


I forgot my Kobe Rewards username/password.

Contact the office at contactus@kobesteakhouseusa.com or speak to your hostess or manager during a visit. We can provide you the username and reset your password to the email on file.


My birthday is this month, do I get the Birthday Reward of $25 off a single entree?

If you are already a Kobe Rewards member, your Birthday Reward will load on the first of your birthday month and expire on the last day of your birthday month. If you are a new Kobe Rewards member, you must register for Kobe Rewards at least 8 days before your actual birthday in order to allow enough time for it to load.


Do I have to register for the Birthday Reward?

To be eligible for the Birthday Reward, you must be an active Kobe Rewards member. Every year, your Birthday Reward will load on the first day of your birthday month and expire on the last day of your birthday month. If you are a new Kobe Rewards member who just registered, you must register at least 8 days before the day of your actual birthday in order to allow enough time for it to load.


My child does not have a Photo ID, what can I use to verify his Reward? 

For children, only the parent card-holder needs to verify that they are using their Rewards card with the child listed as a guest.


What are “Reward Dollars?”

Reward dollars are dollar amounts that are good towards any food or beverages (but not gratuity or tax). They can be earned when a Reward member earns 200 points (spends $200) or successfully refers a friend through the Referral program. Reward dollars expire after 1 year from the day it was loaded.


How can I check what Rewards I have/ update my account information?

You can check 24/7 online at kobesteakhouse.com/rewards with your username/password, at the store at a customer kiosk or with a hostess, or email contactus@kobesteakhouseusa.com.


I referred a friend to Kobe Rewards Refer-A-Friend Program but haven’t gotten the referral gift yet

The referral fee is earned with the referral is sent correctly and the referred guest uses their Kobe Rewards card at least once at a Kobe location. There is a maximum of $50 a year that can be earned. You can check the status of each referral online under the “tell a friend” section on your account.


Regarding Refer-A-Friend, can I get the referral gift if I didn’t do it through the Rewards online site? 

No. You must go through the “Tell A Friend” link on your Kobe Rewards account in order to receive the referral gift. The referee must sign up through the link you sent them.


How do I get updates on my Rewards card? 

Updates are sent to the email on file. Make sure the correct email is listed on your account.


Gift Cards

Where can I purchase e-gift cards?

Here is a link!

When do I get the e-gift card?

You will receive it immediately.


Can I purchase a physical gift card?

Yes, you can purchase them at any of our participating restaurants.