Event Planning

Business Meetings

Apart from our private banquet rooms, we also offer private conference rooms specifically designed for meetings. Equipped with flat screen monitors, projectors, HD video conferencing, our conference rooms are perfect for Corporate meetings. Delight your co-workers with your next Office Holiday Party or End-of-the-year Party at Kobe!


Wedding Rehearsals/Engagement Parties

The Private Banquet Dining option is perfect for Wedding Rehearsals or Engagement Parties. It will give you the private setting you need to cater to all your guests. If you wish to play a slideshow or music, we can help you with that too!


Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Prom Celebrations

Everyone knows that Kobe is the place to be to get-together with your friends! If you would like to plan a big birthday, anniversary, or other special event we can help you!


An Extraordinary Night Out

Whether it be a very special birthday, anniversary, or unforgettable date night our Private Banquet Dining can help make your event more special than just a regular night out for dinner. If you are looking to make the night extraordinary, reserving a room can give you the privacy and attention you need to celebrate an important event.