• Health Benefits of Eating Seaweed - As the leading Japanese Steakhouse in Central Florida, we are now in 11 locations from Orlando to Tampa, and our reputation is built on serving delicious Japanese cuisine, and doing it with flair! Though we are pleased to cook specialized orders in the kitchen, including gluten-free meals, our specially trained chefs are proud to prepare […]
  • Lake Buena Vista and New Tampa Now Open Lunch Sundays - Lunch at Kobe Steakhouse in Lake Buena Vista and New Tampa Savor Mouthwatering Steak Lunches at Kobe Steakhouse Now, at all locations on Sundays! Kobe Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse makes a superb dining establishment choice for people who are enthusiastic about hearty and mouthwatering meat dishes of all varieties. Terrific news is available to Kobe Steakhouse […]
  • Kobe Won The Dining Award for Best Japanese Restaurant by Readers of “Orlando Weekly” - Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is pleased to announce that we’ve won the 2018 “Orlando Weekly” Reader’s Choice Award for Best Japanese Restaurant. This marks the eighth consecutive year our restaurant has won the award. We at Kobe take great pride in our cuisine, so this award is an honor to us all. We thank all the […]
  • History of Hibachi - When one envisions the characteristics of Japanese cuisine, common preparation methods such as sushi, tempura battering and frying, and sashimi come to mind. However, the modern day grilling technique of hibachi, popularized by many americanized Japanese restaurants and grills, is actually one of the most famous cooking techniques in Japanese gastronomy. The origins of the […]
  • Kobe’ Japanese Steakhouse is celebrating its 34th Birthday - Join Kobe’ on Monday July 2nd and Celebrate the 34th Birthday of Kobe’ with ‘Award Winning Cuisine’ and the ‘Fun and Flare’ Kobe’ style. Kobe’ has a rich tradition in delivering a ‘Award Winning Cuisine’ to everyone in Central Florida and the West Coast of Florida. To celebrate Kobe’s 34th Birthday join us on July […]
  • New Location Opening up in St. Pete, Florida - Kobe Steakhouse has been a long-standing tradition in Japanese cuisine in the Florida area for nearly 35 years. Their supremely skilled teppanyaki chefs cook and entertain on hot grills right before the eyes of amazed customers. Common thrills include the onion volcano, the shrimp toss in chef hats, and the throwing of the raw egg […]
  • New Lunch Options For International Drive - Orlando is in store for some delectable new lunch options at Florida’s premier and award winning Japanese steakhouse! We at Kobe Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse have been serving quality Teppanyaki dining experiences since 1984. Exclusive to the International Drive steakhouse location, Kobe Steakhouse now has new offerings on their lunch menu that are sure to delight […]
  • Teppanyaki or Hibachi - What’s the Difference between Teppanyaki and Hibachi? Here at Kobe Steakhouse, we strive to provide our customers an exceptional dining experience, whether you are just stopping by for take-out sushi, or joining us for an exciting dinner show experience. We understand the restaurant business uses a lot of Japanese terms that may be unfamiliar to […]
  • Filet Mignon vs. Sirloin - Steak lovers will tell you that all steak isn’t created equal. Certain cuts are definitely superior to others, but when it comes to the very premium types of steaks, how do you differentiate between the best cuts? At our company we specialize in both types of meat, so we’re uniquely positioned to weigh in. Below, […]